JEMResearchers in Finland are criticizing an investigation byVTT技术研究中心into one of its scientists.

The investigation followed allegations about the VTT's plasma and serum metabolomics (QBIX) group,previously led byMatej Orešič(who is now based at the Steno Diabetes Center in Gentofte,Denmark) and Tuulia Hyötyläinen.Kai Simons,who conducted an earlier investigation of the group,and the Chancellor Emeritus at the University of Helsinki,have criticized VTT,说它在调查中偷工减料。

VTT found no evidence of data tampering or falsification in a 2008 paper co-authored by Orešič in thebepaly投注Journal of Experimental Medicine,but said the paper — which has not been corrected or retracted — included some "exaggerated conclusions." In turn,Orešič and Hyötyläinen filed a complaint for "an alleged violation of good scientific practice" by Simons during the initial investigation.

The investigations concluded more than one year ago,but have just been brought to light ina recent news story by Helsingin Sanomat(in Finnish).

There's a long backstory here.On 11thNovember 2013,an evaluation committee — on behalf of the Finnish Institute of Molecular Medicine or FIMM (part of the University of Helsinki) — expressed concerns about the quality of research in the VTT's plasma and serum metabolomics (QBIX) group,which was then led byOrešičand Hyötyläinen.

赫尔辛基在VTT提议将QBIX移动到FIMM后,正在对其进行评估。根据Kai Simons,国际科学咨询委员会主席,有人质疑团队内部是否存在一些分歧,例如,the team's bioinformaticians said they were not aware of how raw data turned into the group's research papers.他采访了几个qbix科学家,and found the general consensus to be that there were some difficulties within the group.The university's board,therefore,decided that QBIX's research quality was not of a high enough standard,并拒绝了他们在赫尔辛基大学转学金融管理硕士,Simons说。

Following this,the VTT carried out its own investigation.它把注意力集中在一篇论文上,"脂肪和氨基酸代谢失调先于儿童胰岛自身免疫,后者发展为1型糖尿病。,发表在bepaly投注Journal of Experimental Medicine(JEM) in 2008.Orešič is the first author of the paper;Hyötyläinen is not among the co-authors.

VTT's report declared that there was no evidence of data tampering or falsification in the paper by Orešič and colleagues,but said it contained "exaggerated conclusions" concerning the metabolomics section of the paper.

We've obtained the statement released by the VTT on 7thMay 2014 outlining their investigation (在这里看到它).

Simons德累斯顿马克斯普朗克分子生物学和遗传学研究所名誉所长,德国批评悉尼威立雅运输公司决定只在其评估委员会中设立两名外部顾问,而不采访QBIX的成员,as was done in the initial evaluation.

Orešič told us that he was not kept in the loop with the VTT investigation,但仍然不知道论文的哪些方面受到了质疑:

When this paper was investigated,I [was] not presented with any claims.我甚至没有被正式告知这篇论文是被调查的。I have not been told which data was examined and why.Furthermore,I have not been interviewed by the external examiners.

He added,however,那个JEM事实上,当时的情况是:

VTT informed theJEMbepaly投注journal about the conclusions of the investigation on May 8th,2014年……VTT报告未被视为撤销的原因,bepaly体育赌博and I do not believe there is any more reason today.

(Just before we posted this story,VTTreleased a more detailed report into its investigation of theJEM,我们已经向Ore_i_征求意见。)

卡里拉维奥,Chancellor Emeritus at the University of Helsinki,also criticized the VTT investigation:


Raivio explained to us that the VTT should have set up a "real" panel of experts,并强调需要更多的外人。He also recommended that there should be some legal expertise within such a panel and asserted that all parties involved — including Orešič — should have been informed of the centre's procedures.

Raivio added:

They tried to play down the importance of the whole matter and put it under the carpet… there has to be transparency in these kinds of procedures otherwise science will lose its credibility.

Orešič,in turn,argued that the VTT investigation shouldn't have happened at all:

The Finnish Advisory Board on Research Integrity(TENK) issued a statementon October 7th,2014,stating that the investigation of this paper should not have been initiated as the preliminary investigation found on evidence of scientific misconduct,and no grounds for the investigation ofJEMpaper were presented.

Susan King,executive director of Rockefeller University Press in New York,which publishesJEM,told us:

JEMwill investigate further and will take any necessary steps to correct the published literature,根据需要。

Ore_i_和Hy_tyl_inen还击了,filing a complaint for "an alleged violation of good scientific practice" by Simons during the original evaluation process to the Chancellor of the University of Helsinki.

他们的主要指控总结如下:包含在2015 report from the University of Helsinki:

1) Prof.Orešič and Dr.Hyötyläinen claim that Prof.Simons has not been an impartial evaluator during the evaluation process.

2) Prof.Orešič and Dr.Hyötyläinen claim that the ethical guidelines have not been followed during the evaluation process.

3) Prof.Orešič and Dr.Hyötyläinen claim that the attitude of Prof.Simons toward the group has negatively affected the opinions of the other evaluators and thus jeopardized the objectivity of the evaluation process.

The report presents more details as to the researchers' claims:

The first claim relates to a discussion at FIMM cafeteria in Spring 2013.Prof.Orešič and Dr.Hyötyläinen claim that Prof.Simons publicly made hostile statements on Prof.Orešič in a discussion between Prof.西蒙斯和埃莉娜·伊科宁教授以及维萨·奥尔科宁博士。第二个主张是由教授提出的。Orešič and Dr.Hyötyläinen is based on several claims that express Orešič's and Hyötyläinen's dissatisfaction with the evaluation.The third claim is based on the assumption that Prof.Simons has negatively affected the opinions of the other evaluators and thus jeopardized the objectivity of the evaluation process.

Raivio was instructed to carry out the investigation,and concluded that there is no evidence of partiality on the part of Simons.


更新时间:2016年2月11日上午9:25eastern: We've heard back from Anne-Christine Ritschkoff,executive vice president at VTT,who said VTT is going to reopen its investigation:

According to the current knowledge VTT is not suggesting the bepaly体育赌博retraction.然而,due to the article published in HS (Helsingin Sanomat) 7.2.2016 the investigation will be reopened and an independent analysis and review conducted again by an external investigators (to be nominated).

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One thought on "Sparks fly in Finland over misconduct investigation"

  1. A recent investigative piece told mainly from Orešic's side paints a very different picture (in Finnish):


    大众传媒委员会最近发布了一份报告,其中他们发现报纸的错误,因为报纸把Ore_ic研究中可能存在的缺陷与彻头彻尾的欺诈混为一谈。despite the fact that no evidence of fraud was found in the official investigation (in Finnish):


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