作者似乎使用虚假的加州理工大学合著者,up to 8 bepaly体育赌博retractions

ACBEA bepaly投注journal has retracted three articles from a chemist in Portugal with a history of problems with co-authors and data — the exact problems cited by the new notices.

Specifically,似乎罗德里戈J.G.洛佩斯是加利福尼亚理工学院的多个合作作者的成员。causing the bepaly投注journal to"doubt the existence of the authors."“

Lopes第一came to our attention in 2013,when he lost a paper in the化工学报bepaly投注包括他不可能产生的数据,因为实验室缺乏必要的设备。That had followed a previous bepaly体育赌博retraction,when Lopes added co-authors without their permission.We've since found other bepaly体育赌博retractions for Lopes,bringing his total to eight,by our count.继续阅读作者似乎使用虚假的加州理工大学合著者,up to 8 bepaly体育赌博retractions

EMBO awardee under investigation loses grant


Sonia Melo,the recipient of an early career award from the European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO) who fell under investigation after她的一份文件被收回了,现在已经失去了补助金。

在宣布2015年安装补助金的九个获奖者的EMBO发布上,there now appears an asterisk beside Melo's name.At the bottom of the page,this message appears:继续阅读EMBO awardee under investigation loses grant



这看起来像是香肠论文-但这一款的600字评注co-authored by the editors of the two bepaly投注journals in question.



“没有任何欺诈行为,“says EMBO awardee under investigation


最近,一位接受EMBO机构调查的早期职业奖获得者今天告诉我们,上周的bepaly体育赌博在里面Nature Genetics完全源于embarrassing error,“and she hopes to republish the data in a new paper.

Last week was索尼娅·梅洛Nature Geneticsretracted one of her papers,欧洲分子生物学组织(EMBO)宣布,它正在调查构成她应用基础的论文bepaly体育赌博是“A TARBP2 mutation in human cancer impairs microRNA processing and DICER1 function,“引用235次,according to Thomson Scientific's Web of Knowledge.

Melo's Installation Grant from EMBO was12月公布,and consists of 50,000 Euros annually for three to five years.她目前在波尔图大学工作,in Portugal.

梅洛今天联系我们为她的记录辩护:继续阅读“没有任何欺诈行为,“says EMBO awardee under investigation


屏幕截图2016-01-28,上午11.41.20EMBO has taken back an award given to围困的plant biologist奥利维尔网络2009,并且正在调查一个最近的被授予者,他有一份文件从Nature Geneticsyesterday.

The European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO)"promotes excellence in the life sciences"in Europe,in part by awarding prizes to promising young scientists. Voinnet and索尼亚梅洛在年轻科学家研究植物和癌症遗传学的过程中展现出他们的潜力,从而赢得了他们的奖项。但现在EMBO对这些论文的应用基础持怀疑态度。

Melo's Installation Grant from EMBO was上个月刚宣布,and consists of 50,000 Euros annually for three to five years.她目前在波尔图大学工作,in Portugal.

Voinnet's problems are在这个博客上有据可查— 21 corrections,七次收回,bepaly体育赌博and two investigations.本周早些时候,we reported that the Swiss National Science Foundation hadcut off Voinnet's funding,and banned him for three years.继续阅读Embo收回了Voinnet的奖项,调查其他刚刚失去自然遗传学论文的获奖者



我们reported last week在一个葡萄牙团体,丢失了两份文件的错误标记的图像文件。

Now,we've learned that first author Christian Ramos has been fired after speaking to bepaly手机注册网址bepaly体育赌博Retraction Watch and offering what seemed like a heartfelt apology (which you can readhere继续阅读在向回卷观察解释了纸上的图像问题后,博士后被解雇。bepaly体育赌博bepaly手机注册网址

“This situation left me ashamed and infuriated with myself:"科学家收回了两篇论文

细菌细菌学一个葡萄牙人组织在撤回了两份文件。bepaly投注Journal of Bacteriology错误标记的计算机文件导致使用错误的图像。

而且,we've learned in a heartfelt email,the first author was devastated.

Here's the通知为了“mtvr是一个全球小的非编码调节RNA,在Burkholderia cenocepacia": 继续阅读“This situation left me ashamed and infuriated with myself:"科学家收回了两篇论文

Solvent paper dissolves under heat of institutional investigation

杰西盖A chemical engineering paper published in February has been retracted for data and authorship problems.

According to the bepaly体育赌博retraction notice,作者的研究机构调查发现,不仅数据不可复制,但是“并非所有手稿的合著者都知道或同意文章的内容和科学结论。”“

Here's the通知in thebepaly投注Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data为了“Ionic Liquids as Promising Solvents for Biomass Derived Mannitol and Xylitol":继续阅读Solvent paper dissolves under heat of institutional investigation

“I am not a monster and I am not unreasonable:"格兰特被砍后学生用斧头攻击教授


The student,科林·保罗·格洛斯特,attacked physics lecturer Maria Filomena Santos,谁根据这个爱尔兰镜will"因为斧头非常靠近肌腱,所以需要进行重建手术。”“

说到爱尔兰镜story,Gloster tells bepaly手机注册网址bepaly体育赌博Retraction Watch that"我砍掉某人的主要观点是正确的。”但是,他补充说:


根据这个爱尔兰镜继续阅读“I am not a monster and I am not unreasonable:"格兰特被砍后学生用斧头攻击教授


jopt一组物理学家在bepaly投注光学杂志after the publisher learned that the article had already appeared in print twice before.

The article,“Inscription of narrow bandwidth Bragg gratings in polymer optical fibers,“来自电信研究所的研究人员,in Portugal,阿斯顿光子技术研究所,在伯明翰,英国。根据摘要:继续阅读看三联:光学纸被证明是三联之一,retracted