Plant biologist earns string of bepaly体育赌博retractions,bringing total to 9

A pair of plant biologists has lost a string of papers over concerns about image manipulation.One author has added eight new bepaly体育赌博retractions to his CV;the other has added five.

Last summer,a bepaly投注journalretracted another paper by the pair,also citing suspicions of image manipulation.The latest batch of bepaly体育赌博retractions — issued by seven different bepaly投注journals — includes some papers that have beenquestioned on PubPeer.

Dibyendu Talukdar,listed at the University of Calcutta in West Bengal,India,is the sole author on three retracted papers.He shares five new bepaly体育赌博retractions with Tulika Talukdar listed at the University of North Bengal.That brings their totals to nine and six,respectively.(We're not sure if the Drs. Talukdar are related).

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Patient misdiagnosed with rare neurological side effect in retracted case study

When two surgeons in Greece learned that a patient had developed a rare side effect following weight loss surgery,they were eager to publish the case.

After extensive testing,the patient was diagnosed with Wernicke's encephalopathy—a neurological disorder caused by thiamine deficiency—following a sleeve gastrectomy procedure.As the authors note in the paper,they had seen only eight other cases following the procedure in the literature.

It turns out,theirs was not the ninth.After the patient unfortunately died,he was examined by a coroner,who ruled he did not,in fact,have Wernicke's encephalopathy. So Dimitrios Manatakis and Nikolaos Georgopoulos,both based at Athens Naval and Veterans Hospital in Greece,have retracted their 2014 case study.

When the first learned of the patient,the authors wanted to alert the surgical community to the case,given the rarity of this side effect,Manatakis told us:Continue readingPatient misdiagnosed with rare neurological side effect in retracted case study

Authors pull two papers about faulty glucose meters after industry prompts

4.coverTwo papers evaluating glucose meters — used by diabetics to monitor blood sugar levels — suggested that a couple of the devices don't work as well as they should. Perhaps unsurprisingly,the companies that sell those meters objected to how the studies were conducted.By all accounts,the companies appear to be justified in their complaints.

In both cases,researchers used blood drawn from veins to test the meters.But manufacturers of the WaveSense JAZZ and GlucoRx glucose meters said their devices are designed to work with fresh blood from a finger-prick.Both papers have now been retracted.

Thebepaly体育赌博retraction noticefor "Technical and clinical accuracy of five blood glucose meters: clinical impact assessment using error grid analysis and insulin sliding scales," published in 2015 in thebepaly投注Journal of Clinical Pathology,hints at the issue:

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"We don't want to be caught napping:" Meet Hindawi's new head of research integrity

Matt Hodgkinson
Matt Hodgkinson

We spoke withMatt Hodgkinsonabout how he turned his "spidey sense" for what's wrong with papers into a new position atHindawi,one of the largest publishers of open-access bepaly投注journals.

bepaly手机注册网址bepaly体育赌博Retraction Watch: As the new Head of Research Integrity at Hindawi,what does your position entail?What does your typical day look like? Continue reading"We don't want to be caught napping:" Meet Hindawi's new head of research integrity

You've been dupe'd: Results so nice,they're published twice

obesity surgeryWith bepaly体育赌博retraction noticescontinuing to pour in,we like to occasionally take the opportunity to cover several at a time to keep up.

We've compiled a handful of bepaly体育赌博retractions that were all issued to papers that were published twice by at least one of the same authors — known asduplication.(Sometimes,this can be thepublisher's fault,although that doesn't appear to be the case in any of the following examples.)

So here are five recently retracted papers that were pulled because of duplication:Continue readingYou've been dupe'd: Results so nice,they're published twice

One patient,two case reports: bepaly投注Journal retracts the latter

Case Reports in Obstetrics and GynecologyA bepaly投注journal has retracted a case report after discoveringit had already been reported.

The paper — about an "extremely rare" instance where a fetus was diagnosed with bothaform of dwarfismand a chromosomal condition known asKlinefelter syndrome— was retracted fromCase Reports in Obstetrics and Gynecology(CROG).

The first author of the paper told us the report was the result of a "big misunderstanding" between her and a former colleague,and she alerted the bepaly投注journal as soon as she noticed the case had already been reported inBMC Pediatrics.

Here's thebepaly体育赌博retraction noticeforthe paper: Continue readingOne patient,two case reports: bepaly投注Journal retracts the latter

Authors suspended as duplications sink papers on ship building

Computational Materials Science

A pair of researchers affiliated with the University of Galati in Romania were suspended after duplicating work in their papers on materials used to build ships,earning them four bepaly体育赌博retractions last year,and one the year before.

According toRomanian newspaperImpact Est,in December an ethics committee found that co-authorsIonel ChiricaandElena-Felicia Bezneacommitted "a number of breaches of ethics," including self-plagiarism. Both received two-year suspensions from holding certain research positions.

These aren't the only problems Chirica has faced: In 2013,he resigned from his position as the director of the Doctoral School of Engineering,according toImpact Est,for reasons that are unclear.In 2012,he also lost two additional papers on which he is the sole author.

Last fall,Computational Materials Scienceretracted four papers by Chirica and Beznea,publishing almost identical notices.We'll start with the one for "Response of ship hull laminated plates to close proximity blast loads:"

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Imposter edits bepaly投注journal in latest peer review scam

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 5.49.05 PMWhen a computer scientist approached a bepaly投注journal about editing a special issue,little did the bepaly投注journal know he — or she — was using a stolen identity.

Before the jig was up,someone posing as a researcher named Xavier Delorme had edited three articles on optimization problems forThe Scientific World bepaly投注Journal.The scammer used a fake email address,the publisher told bepaly手机注册网址bepaly体育赌博Retraction Watch — acommon strategy for duping bepaly投注journalsin peer review scams. When thereal Delorme,who works at École Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Saint-Etienne in France,began receiving correspondence about articles he had no involvement in,fake Delorme's cover was blown.

Upon closer look,the publisher found evidence that peer reviews for some articles may have been submitted using phony identities,as well. The publisher has been unable to identify anyone responsible for the scam.

Here's thebepaly体育赌博retraction notice,which now appears on five articles from the special issue:

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Doctor suspended in UK after faking co-authors,data

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 11.04.56 AMA doctor in Manchester,UK has received a year's suspension by the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service.

Gemina Doolubadmitted that she fabricated research data and submitted papers without the knowledge of her co-authors,including faking an email address for a co-author,a news story in theBMJreports.The research in question was part of two bepaly体育赌博retractions that Doolub received in 2013,one of which we covered at the time.

Doolub's research examined ways to treat and avoid microvascular obstruction — that is,blocked arteries.Doolub did the work while at Oxford.

"Intracoronary Adenosine versus Intravenous Adenosine during Primary PCI for ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction: Which One Offers Better Outcomes in terms of Microvascular Obstruction?" was published inInternational Scholarly Research Notices Cardiologyand has not yet been cited,according to Thomson Reuters Web of Science.

As theBMJreports, in that paper,

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In more faked peer review news…10 papers pulled by Hindawi

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 9.57.36 AMGuess what?We've got more cases of fraudulent peer review to report — oursecond post of the day on the subject,in fact.In the latest news,Hindawi Publishing Corporation has retracted 10 papers for "fraudulent review reports," after aninvestigation of more than 30 papers that had been flagged this summer.

The investigation found that authorJason Jung,a computer engineer at Yeungnam University in Korea,"was involved in submitting the fraudulent review reports" for four of the retracted papers,according to the publisher's CEO.In the case of the other six,the authors didn't appear to be involved.

Hindawi Publishing Corporation,which publishes over 400 bepaly投注journals,doesn't ask authors for potential review suggestions — making a common route to fake peer review more difficult.In July,when Hindawi announced it was investigating the papers,itposted a statementsaying that they suspected the editors had created fake reviewer accounts.

The bepaly体育赌博retraction note on Jung's papers — identical except for the title at the beginning — explains that each paper has

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